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June 28, 2015 / Bradley

The Anime Now! Podcast 16: Shirobako


If you’ve ever wanted to know how anime is made have we got a cartoon for you! Bradley, Bamboo and Michael have been vicariously living the life of anime producers, animators and directors through the power of Shirobako, and are here to tell you all about it. Click HERE to download the episode or on the keyart above. We discuss the miracle of anime, transparency and how fans feel connected to the process of making some of their favorite hobbies, why nobody ever looks thirty in anime and how moe character designs are just like a fine wine. Also: you’re probably Tarou too. Especially if you think you’re not Tarou. You can watch the entirety of Shirobako on Crunchyroll.

The podcast is on iTunes and Stitcher, or if you want to use a URL for your podcatcher, use this: If enjoy the podcast, please subscribe and leave us a review!

Also: Scamp on why everyone should be required to watch Shirobako, and OtakuUSA on the real-life people some of the characters are based on.

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