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May 27, 2015 / Bradley

Double Update: Yatterman Night w/Tom and Gundam Build Fighters Try w/Michael


To help compensate for missing a few episodes, I’ve got a double update for you today.

First up is the half of the Golden Week special. Tom is back to discuss Yatterman Night in a long-delayed review! Click HERE or on the poster to the left to download the episode.  This is a series based on a popular children’s series that most Americans haven’t heard of, so we give you the basics of what makes Yatterman special. We also discuss yet more dead anime mothers, great uses of foreshadowing and other recent remakes of classic children’s anime.

And then, Michael is back to yell with me about robots fighting as we review Gundam Build Fighters Try. Click HERE or on the poster to the right to download the episode. More robots and more robot variety may not make for a better series as we discuss this sequel to Gundam Build Fighters and compare it to its predecessor. We also talk about teamfight dynamics, cuddly bear robots and how brawn isn’t actually what matters in cartoon fights.

ALSO: Read Michael’s write-up on Gundam Build Fighter at The Cart Driver, and check out for a good guide to getting started with Gunpla.

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