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May 10, 2015 / Bradley

The Anime Now Podcast Update: Next Episode Will Be Late

While I had originally planned to release our review of Yatterman Night two weeks ago with Your Lie in April, real life issues ended up snowballing to the point where I had to delay it to this week. Last night I recorded a new episode with Tom, where we experienced an almost comical number of issues while recording, including Internet outages, my recording software losing our first take on the episode, another bug distorting the second take and making the file unusable, all while I was sick with a spring cold. These things happen. Sometimes a recording will have so many issues that it almost seems cursed. The best thing you can do is to keep trying.

We’ve rescheduled the recording for Tuesday, and will release the new episode as soon as it’s ready. Tom has been magnanimous and patient throughout, so many thanks to him.

I’m sorry for the delay. I work hard to keep the podcast consistent and professional, and constant delays do not fit my own high standard. I’ll try and do another double episode in the near future to compensate for the delays. Since I’m on vacation for the next week, that should be imminently doable.

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