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March 4, 2015 / Bradley

The Anime Now! Podcast 08: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis


Bradley is back with Michael of the Cart Driver and a new anime series for review. Click the picture above or right HERE to download the episode. This time we’re discussing the fantasy series Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, a fun series with energy and style to burn. You can currently watch Rage of Bahamut: Genesis on Funimation or Hulu.

The podcast is on iTunes and Stitcher, or if you want to use a URL for your podcatcher, use this: If enjoy the podcast, please subscribe and leave us a review!

CORRECTION: Rio: Rainbow Gate is not based on a mobile card game, but a series of pachinko games. I knew I was wrong the moment I heard myself say it while editing the show. Additionally, while I had the episode published on the feed on Sunday, I didn’t put the post up for the website until Tuesday because… I don’t know, or at least, I know why I did that about as well as I know why I thought Rio: Rainbow Gate was a mobile game. Geez Bradley, get it together.

On the upside, I’m gradually figuring out how audio editing is supposed to work. I think. Let me know if I’m making any progress on that front.

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