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January 18, 2015 / Bradley

The Anime Now! Podcast 05: Love Live! School Idol Festival



It’s the first half of idol month on the Anime Now! Podcast. Joining Bradley to examine the popular Love Live franchise is Carl of Oguie Maniax and Bamboo of Anime News Network. We discuss how the series makes cherry picking aspects of the appeal of a skeezy pop industry a strength, how a larger franchise can enhance or detract from enjoyment, and who is best girl. Click here or the picture above to download the episode. You can currently watch Love Live on Crunchyroll.

The podcast is on iTunes and Stitcher, or if you want to use a URL for your podcatcher, use this: If enjoy the podcast, please subscribe and leave us a review!


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  1. Ian K / Jan 19 2015 10:52 pm

    I appreciate this podcast a lot. Between this show with its focus on new cute-girl show,s and AWO with its focus on old mech shows, I think I’m set for ‘podcasts that recommend things I wouldn’t normally watch’.

    AKB0048: this show was sold to me as ‘the idol show for people who don’t like idols’. That is very much NOT the case, IMO. The sci-fi action was maybe 30% of that show, certainly not enough to carry it alone. As for the other 70%, the problem wasn’t just that it was about idols, it was that it seemed to go out of its way to justify the creepier aspects of idol industry, like the swimsuit shoots and abusive fan behavior.

    Carl: I like what you bring to the table, but when you get excited you talk fast and it’s hard to hear what you’re saying 😦

  2. Anime Fan / Jun 19 2015 6:24 am

    Hi, the podcast from the url is down. Is there anywhere I can get it besides iTunes?

    • Bradley / Jun 19 2015 12:11 pm

      Works for me right now. I’d try again

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